HIPAA and HITECH in the bag

We’ve obsessed over the details so you don’t have to. The secure treatment of Protected Health Information (PHI) in compliance with HIPAA and HITECH regulations is preserved by an extensive suite of data security controls, allowing you to benefit from process efficiencies with true peace of mind.

Designed for HIPAA compliance

iOn HEALING Mobile App keeps Protected Health Information (PHI) secure by leveraging powerful security controls, including identity verification, secure authentication, and 256-bit encryption of transmitted data. All interactions on the app take place in the context of permissible communications between Covered Entities for the purposes of healthcare operations.

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iOn Healing NowSecure Certification

Officially certified by NowSecure

In addition to maintaining compliance with leading healthcare security regulations, iOn HEALING App is officially certified by NowSecure, a mobile security forensics company that assesses certification applicants against an exhaustive vulnerability audit. Our iOS and Android apps have been certified secure against malicious attacks and exposure of sensitive data.

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Preserving end-to-end security

Required registration

New users are required to provide personal and professional identifying information as part of the account creation process.

Password complexity

Access is kept secure via the enforcement of complex alphanumeric passwords required on a per-use basis.

PHI safeguarding

Protected health information (PHI) is transmitted directly to secure servers, never residing on the mobile device itself.

Data encryption

Data in motion is transferred via secure 256-bit encryption, and stored on secure servers.

Secure texting

All text communications carried out on the app benefit from the same level of security as other forms of PHI.


Users who remain inactive for more than 30 minutes are automatically logged off to prevent unwanted access to sensitive information.