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Designed with HIPAA and HITECH in Mind

Managing Patient Outcomes with Security on Your Side

iOn HEALING Mobile App keeps Protected Health Information (PHI) secure by leveraging powerful security controls, including identity verification, secure authentication, and 256-bit encryption of transmitted data. All interactions on the app take place in the context of permissible communications between Covered Entities for the purposes of healthcare operations. In addition to maintaining compliance with leading healthcare security regulations, iOn HEALING App undergoes regular vulnerability audits.

We Take Protecting Patient Data Seriously

Required Registration and Verification Process

Professional credentials are required to gain access to the app and a verification process ensure only authorized users have access to the patient data.

Secure Texting

All text communications conducted through the app benefit from same level of security as other forms of PHI.

PHI Safeguarding and Auto-timeout

Patient data transferred via secure 256-bit encryption and stored on secure servers. We also ensures the user is logged out after 30 minutes of inactivity to protect PHI.

Password Complexity

Access is kept secure via complex password security measures with added option of biometric sign-in.

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